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What Do You Know About Us Who We Are ?

We at Shruti Travels believe that business enterprise is never complete if it does not make a contribution beyond building a good business. Our constant endeavour will be to raise the standards for everyone who comes into contact with Shruti Cars.For those who drive our vehicles, we provide an opportunity to be part of a modern fleet that places the highest premium on vehicle uptime and vehicle quality

Our fleet engineers work 24 x 7 to ensure that our drivers have the minimum disruption by way of vehicles not being serviceable. Our backend technology, comparable to the best in the world, ensures that we connect customers to our cabs better than anyone else does, ensuring steady business for our drivers. Accident insurance, medical insurance, also allows them to have a safety net to provide security in the event of an untoward incident. Our concern for our drivers is to ensure that by making them earn a respectable livelihood, with good economics, we would be able to make their personal lives better.

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Under the flagship of SHRUTI TRAVELS, with constant entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, we have built a best Car Rental Company, in Indore with professional attitude and working policy.Today at Shruti Travels, we are moving fast with professional expertise, serving corporate sector & hotel industry with a fleet of luxury, premium, SUVíŽS/MUVíŽS & Executive cars.

Customer satisfaction continues to be the utmost importance to Shruti Cars, as do consistent quality, constant innovation, value engineering, process improvement and customer orientation.


All Shruti Cars Are Covered Under Comprehensive Insurance Policy.


First Aid Box In All Shruti Cars


Shruti Cars Are Equiped With Fire Extinguisher


Shruti Cars Are Equipped With Gprs Technology For The Safety Of Esteemed Guest Using Our Cabs.